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Remy Sleep specialise in the online retail of premium sleep and relaxation products!

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Case Study Overview


A little about Remy Sleep

Remy are an online SME retailer that sell a range of weighted blankets and products to help their customers relax and enjoy a deeper sleep. Trading since 2019 Remy now serve over 20,000+ customers worldwide. 

Case Study Challenge


What were they struggling with & what they looked to achieve

Remy have been using various online marketing methods including Email marketing, Google Ads and social paid ads via Facebook and Instagram. Remy struggled to reach existing customers during promotional sales as the open rates for email on average are around 20%. And social media varying from 22%-36%. They needed a more direct channel to communicate with customers and that’s where Text Global came in. 

Case Study What Text Global Offered Us


What we did to get the client setup

Text Global helped get Remy setup our Enterprise Platform with no setup fees, monthly charges or long-term commitments. Where the client could setup bulk SMS text marketing campaigns with open rates of 95-98% (5x higher than email marketing alone).

We helped Remy through the entire process of downloading their customer database from their eCommerce partner. Whilst educating them on how to cleanse and re-format the data, ready to import to our platform.

With one-to-one online screen shares we provided Remy with extensive training on how to use our platform. In addition, we gave market leading advice on how to stay GDPR complaint and tips to optimise the SMS text marketing campaign. 


In order to track direct conversions, the client used a discount code ‘POD50’ for a £50 discount when pre-ordering.

A branded URL link was used to maximise click through rates.

The message was formatted correctly using line breaks to make the SMS text content easier to read.

We setup the URL opt-out mechanism for customers to unsubscribe. Making it much easier for the recipient to unsubscribe.

We suggested an optimum date/time where we know Remy Sleep would achieve better engagement, click through and ROAS (return on advertising

The SMS text campaign was sent to 5,904 contacts at a cost of just £177.12+VAT.

The campaign saw SMS delivery rates of 95.11% and 50 unique orders. 

With a total direct sale amount of £2,694.00

As a result, this SMS text marketing campaign achieved ROAS of 1-15x – excellent return on investment. 

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Text Global Remy Sleep Case Study Example
Text Global Remy Sleep Case Study
Text Global Remy Sleep client logo

Testimonial from Remy Sleep

Highly recommend!

We’re an SME with 15,000+ contacts in our database. We always considered SMS marketing but never took the plunge. Text Global made our very first set of SMS campaigns very easy to launch and the results exceeded our expectations.

Our ROI on our very first SMS campaign was 10x. And more importantly we engaged with an audience in a way we had never done before.

The Text Global team helped us with set-up, ensured we remained GDPR compliant, and recommended SMS marketing strategies.

After our first campaign success we’re now implementing weekly SMS marketing campaigns! Wish we did this sooner.

Abeer Iqbal – Founder

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