Text Global RMDY Clothing Case Study

RMDY Clothing are an online fashion retail brand!

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Case Study Overview


A little about RMDY Clothing

RMDY Clothing are an online fashion retailer, specialising in modern contemporary streetwear. Trading for over 5 years RMDY have thousands of customers worldwide.

Case Study Challenge


What were they struggling with & what they looked to achieve

RMDY use email marketing and online social advertising via Facebook and Instagram. During key sales events, new stock release and clearance sales they needed a marketing channel that delivered their promotional messages quickly, with fast response times.

Case Study What Text Global Offered Us


What we did to get the client setup

Text Global assisted RMDY Clothing by setting up access to our SMS Platform (with no setup fees, monthly charges or long-term commitments), where the client could setup bulk SMS text marketing campaigns with open rates of 95-98%. Achieving 5x higher open rates than email marketing alone.

To make life easier for the client we helped give advice on how to cleanse their Shopify data. Removing any landline, international or invalid mobile numbers.

To maximise the conversion rates and lower costs. We helped segment their Shopify data based on total orders and total spend volumes.

Furthermore, we helped the client optimise the SMS text message content and suggest key times that where the SMS text marketing campaign would convert well.

Finally, to help convert every last order as possible the Text Global Shopify App plugin was setup. Automatically sending an Abandoned Cart SMS  text one hour after a customers didn’t complete their purchase. 


In order to track direct conversions, the client used the code ‘FREEDEL’ for free delivery.

A branded URL link was used to maximise click through rates.

The message was formatted correctly using line breaks to make the SMS text content easier to read.

We suggested a Sunday evening at 19:30pm following a recent payday weekend. A time we knew consumers would be actively online shopping and have money to spend!

The SMS text campaign was sent to 8,965 contacts at a cost of just £259.99+VAT.

The campaign saw SMS delivery rates of 93.91% and 104 unique orders. With a total direct sales amount of £3,124.88.

As a result, this SMS text marketing campaign achieved ROAS of 1-12x – excellent return on investment.

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Text Global RMDY Clothing Case Study

Testimonial from RMDY Clothing

“We always use Text Global around new stock release, clearance sales and promo events like Black Friday. Their marketing platform is easy to use and the results are brilliant! Our account manager always gives us tips to maximise conversions. We’ve recently setup an integration with our Shopify store for abandoned cart SMS notifications. We’ve already seen a noticeable difference since day one.”

James Moore – Founder

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