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Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

Send content-rich and engaging messages via MMS

Incorporate MMS into your engagement strategy and improve click-through rates, response rates and overall sale conversions.

Text Global MMS Multi Media Messaging
MMS Analytics Performance and Statistics

Track MMS campaign performance with ease

Get instant access to delivery reports and logs of all MMS messages sent in real-time. Track deliverability to the recipient's handset and unique URL clicks. 

Benefits of MMS messaging

Improve engagement and increase conversion 📈

With its extensive compatibility and ability to function on nearly all mobile phones, MMS enables you to share your message with a large audience, even when they’re offline. Plus, with its attention-grabbing content, recipients are more likely to read and open it. 

Deliver coupons, QR codes, images, and videos 🏷️

MMS empowers you to deliver comprehensive, media-rich messages up to 300kb per message, ensuring your customers have all the information they need in one place. Making MMS the perfect channel to deliver short video clips, QR codes, coupons and images. 

Enable two-way chat via MMS 💬

Allow customers to respond to MMS messages and link them to our two-way chat solution. Send content-rich marketing messages and give customers the ability to ask questions. Improving sales conversions and customer satisfaction. 

Cost-effective, quick and easy to set up 🕒

MMS is considered to be more costly than SMS text messaging. However, the value an MMS can bring by sending better content can greatly improve sales conversions. Setup times can be done within a matter of minutes. Unlike other channels like Business WhatsApp or RCS, MMS does not require any operator registration. 

Send MMS campaigns all through an easy-to-use API

Quickly integrate MMS API and start unlocking opportunities to scale communications and grow engagement.

Include MMS messaging to your marketing campaigns

Get started fast, with no contracts or set-up fees