Text Global Mobile Messaging for Businesses
Customer engagement platform & flow builder

Data-driven personalised customer engagement to maximise your return on ad-spend

Implement high-performing omnichannel campaigns that enable engagement at scale, across various channels, and throughout the entire customer journey. Send bulk ad-hoc bulk messaging broadcasts and design intelligent automated flows.

Experience full omnichannel messaging through one easy to use platform.
Increase revenue with hyper-targeted messages at scale

Harness the true potential of omnichannel bulk marketing

Deliver your messages at scale, globally, via your customer's preferred channel. All through a unified and comprehensive platform.

Our suite of communication channels provides the adaptability required to establish smooth and customised engagements. 

Send meaningful customer engagements with a single unified platform

Deliver profitable marketing campaigns at scale that leverage excellent return on investment. Create and build your ideal customer journey on a trusted platform, with over 15 digital channels including SMS text, Email, Voice, Rich Messaging (RCS), WhatsApp, Push notifications, Web push, Google Chat, Messenger, Instagram, Viber and more...

Streamline your customer journey and send relevant, well-timed messages

  • Send transactional service updates like order confirmations, delivery dispatch updates, returned items notifications, failed payment alerts, booking confirmations, reminders and more.
  • Accelerate revenue with intelligent marketing automation flows. 
  • Improve retention with automated loyalty messages across multi-channel.
  • Capture data across multiple touchpoints and enter into relevant communication flows.
  • Install a WebSDK to capture customers' behaviour online or in-app, entering flows via a triggered event. 

Reach customers at the right time via their preferred channel

  • Optimise customer communication by selecting the appropriate channel for each individual and incorporating various channels within the same workflow.
  • Develop tailored messaging that is uniform across all communication channels, ensuring a personalised experience for each customer.
  • Seamlessly transition between channels at any given moment, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted customer journey.
  • Set up backup channels to guarantee the successful delivery of important messages.

Free Trial & Consulation
Experience full omnichannel messaging through one easy to use platform.

Centralised customer database for all your marketing and communications

Combine data and knowledge from both online and offline sources to construct comprehensive customer profiles and establish tailored engagements. A unified customer data platform for all your communication channels guarantees a seamless and uniform customer experience.

Integrate with the People API, create a custom webhook or connect to one our existing application plugins.

Powerful analytics and data insights

  • Real time delivery reports and message logs.
  • Custom URL link tracking.
  • Track engagements, open rates and click through rates.
  • Send Time Optimisation - Send message when customers are more likely to engage.
  • Dashboard analytics to summarise activity.
  • Full reports suite - Communications sent, performance and financial reports.

Customer engagement that's relevant to you

Retail and eCommerce
Build and maintain lasting customer relationships by utilising first-party data to create personalised ecommerce experiences at scale.
Send meaningful messages, that add value and excel service levels. Build end-to-end seamless customer journeys.
Differentiate your brand and drive marketing campaigns unique to your global audiences with personalised, purpose-built solutions.
Financial Services
Engage and keep clients for life by offering personalised, omnichannel experiences with trust and security woven into every step of the journey.
Competition, Gaming & Gambling
Re-activate and retain more customers. Sky rocket revenue with more direct mobile marketing channels like SMS and RCS.
Customer Experience
Deliver personalised, seamless engagement to customers across their preferred channels using unified first-party customer data.
Healthcare and Public Sector
Solutions that you can customise to meet any patient need for omnichannel virtual care, appointment reminders, and more.
Software and Applications
Build or buy flexible solutions to maximize communications ROI, increase operational efficiency, and speed up deployments.

Connect, configure and communicate with market-leading applications

Take advantage of various out-of-the-box integrations to strengthen your communication strategy.  Need something bespoke? Speak with a member of the team. 

Together we can optimise your customer engagement