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Build conversational customer journeys with WhatsApp Business Messaging

Provide end-to-end encrypted interactions, customer support and create bespoke customer journeys on the world’s most popular chat app. Start utilising Business WhatsApp for One Time Passcodes (OTP), service updates and marketing.

Text Global Business WhatsApp Messaging
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Quick set up with ongoing customer support

Easily build flows with any use case with our drag-and-drop editor

Effortlessly build workflows and customer journeys with no coding required. Offer convenient, relevant and content-rich communications.

  • Automate responses to common queries with our AI Chatbot
  • Build campaign flows that convert and increase response rates
  • Use customer data and insights to build targeted message flows 
  • Trigger messages based on events and behaviours 

Chat with customers using Business WhatsApp

Conversational marketing 🎯

Maximise your ROI by sending engaging content-rich marketing messages via WhatsApp. The optimum mobile marketing channel for: -

  • Promotions
  • New stock release
  • Product cross-sell opportunities

Conversational commerce 🛒

Increase conversion rates with personalised offers and promotions. Including: -

  • Abandoned basket reminders
  • Orders management
  • Related product suggestions
  • Repeated order and re-stock reminders

Conversational support 🤝

Increase customer satisfaction with faster service and support. Including: -

  • AI Chatbot support
  • Live agent support
  • Call deflection
  • Reminders

Send messages securely 🔒

Keep your customer's information private and secure with end-to-end encryption. All messages sent through WhatsApp Business are encrypted from end to end, making it difficult for anyone to access or read them.

Deep and insightful analytics 📊

Gain insights into how your customers engage with your WhatsApp messages. Track the number of messages sent, delivered, read and the response time for customer enquiries. Use this data to send more relevant communications, leverage higher ROI, and lower spending. 

Build trust and loyalty 🛡️

The WhatsApp application (Meta) verifies your business identity before sending messages. This enhances the customers’ trust in a brand and helps prevent impersonation by fraudsters. 

Connect WhatsApp Business API without any downtime

Scale communications and unlock new opportunities to scale your business with a flexible API stack.

  • Access detailed API documentation
  • Get 24/7 integration support
  • Create custom message templates

Are you ready to start sending WhatsApp in your business?

More engagement, better customer experience, and higher conversion rates.