Text Global Mobile Messaging for Businesses

Build automated conversational chatbots to service, support and engage with customers

Enhance your customer support and cut down expenses by utilising a no-code virtual assistant. Build intelligent chatbot flows via our omnichannel platform and communicate with customers through their preferred channels. 

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Easy-to-build chatbot on any channel Automate. Reduce cost. Save time.

  • Connect customers with multi-agent platform licenses.
  • Synchronise customers' preferred digital channels to encourage dialogue.
  • Personalised interactions with detailed customer profiles and chat history.
  • Integrate with market leaders like Microsoft, Salesforce, Hubspot, Adobe, Meta, Bigcommerce, Salesforce and more.
  • Start your trial where we can deliver proof of concept. 

Text Global Chatbot Channels

Self-service chatbot solution with no coding required

Transform your customer experience into a growth machine. Rapidly build a chatbot with ease using our simple drag-and-drop editor and pre-defined templates.

Provide excellent support with two types of chatbots

Power your customer service 24/7 with two simple rule-based or intent-based conversational chatbots.

Rule based
Build useful chatbots that can provide immediate assistance to customers and guide them to the answers they need. No coding required.
Intent based
Build a chatbot using AI and natural language processing to understand intents, process information, and replicate the normal conversational experience of interacting with a human agent.

Provide chatbot support on your customers' preferred channel

A range of digital channels to always ensure that customers receive the best possible service. Leading to improved retention and customer satisfaction. 

Free Trial & Consulation

Get access to 24/7 professional support from our team of experts

Our professional services team will work with you to build tailor-made chatbots that fit your business requirements.
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Development support with chatbot APIs

Build and launch custom chatbots on your customer's preferred channel, and integrate with your existing applications, third-party CCaaS or CRM solutions, through our chatbot and two-way APIs.

Elevate your customer experience today

Enable your sales and service teams to provide customised, data-oriented interactions across various channels. Register for a complimentary trial to deliver proof of concept.