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Deploy calls across applications with our Voice API and front-end platform

Quickly provision and launch a call scenario or custom-build your voice solution. With flexible APIs on the most reliable and scalable global network.

Text Global Voice Messaging
Automated & ad-hoc voice calls

Voice messaging

Grab the recipients attention with automated voice calls.

Send audio MP3 files directly to end users mobile phone or landline and choose from single, multiple or advanced voice messages to send to various worldwide destinations.  

  • Pre-recorded audio files (Mp3 or WAV)
  • Text-to-speech features  
  • Over 100 languages

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Efficiently route inbound or outbound calls.

Allow customers to access self-serve IVR menus over Voice to speed up time to resolution and reach the person, department or information they need efficiently.

  • Recorded calls 
  • Efficient call routing 
  • Personalisation options  

Text Global Voice Messagin


Offer easy access to customer service on your app or website.

Embed Voice capabilities into your app or website and easily connect two phone numbers to start a conversation using a single API.  

  • Keep all numbers private 
  • Detailed call reporting via API Delivery Reports
  • Integrate pre-made scenario  
  • Create your own scenario 

Benefits of Voice Messaging and IVR

More emotive communication method 📢

With SMS text messages and emails, the tonality is difficult to gauge. The sender can talk through a specific problem and explain it in a way that is easier to describe by talking it through. With a Voice message, the receiver can listen at a convenient time, rather than having to answer a phone call. 

Excellent response rates 👍

On average 40-50% of Voice messages are connected instantly with average response rates between 70-80%. Repeat dial attempts ensure that the recipient can't ignore the messages.

Voicemail routing 💬

If the recipient of the Voice call doesn't answer the call the message is re-directed to the recipient's voicemail. Where the recipient can listen to the message at a time and place that is convenient for them. 

Cost-effective, quick and easy to set up 🕒

Voice messaging costs on average between 3p - 10p for every 10 second voice recording. Making it the perfect channel to reduce staff downtime and call customers at scale. Furthermore, you only get charged for successfully connected calls. 

Build your very own call scenarios with Voice API

Craft inbound and outbound call scenarios with our fully customisable API and gain total control and visibility when creating the perfect Voice solution.  

  • 60+ granular APIs 
  • 50 events  
  • 100 languages available
  • 24/7 integration support 

Send more impactful updates as a pre-recorded voice message.

Get started fast, with no contracts or set-up fees