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Two-way chat and AI Chatbots

Enable two-way chat with our cloud contact centre solution

Enhance operational effectiveness, deliver a tailored customer journey, and enable agents to excel by utilising a cloud-based contact centre solution. Converse with customer with ease across their preferred channel.

Provide excellent customer service across multiple channels

  • Everything you need to communicate with customers under one unified platform.
  • Connect digital channels with ease and rapidly reduce customer wait times.

Track and optimise agent performance

  • Customer and agent chat history to resolve issues quickly
  • Access all omnichannel messages from a single-user interface
  • Reduce agent workload with self-service AI chatbots
  • Full training ongoing technical support

Enable agents to hybrid work from anywhere in the world

  • Continuous customer service support from desktop or mobile device
  • Scalable, fast to onboard, designed to be intuitive
  • Cloud environment that supports workspace adaptability

Development support with chatbot APIs

Build and launch custom chatbots on your customer's preferred channel, and integrate with your existing applications, third-party CCaaS or CRM solutions, through our chatbot and two-way APIs.

Together we can optimise your customer engagement