Pricing - Low Cost Direct Routes

Clear, transparent low cost pricing with no contracts, setup fees or monthly charges!

It doesn’t matter if you’re sending 100 messages or 100,000 we have the perfect pricing options.


2.2p - 4.2p per text credit
100 - 10,000 at 4.2p
15,000 at 4.1p - £615+VAT
20,000 at 4p - £800+VAT
25,000 at 3.9p - £975+VAT
50,000 at 3.7p - £1,850+VAT
100,000 at 3.4p - £3,400+VAT
150,000 at 3.2p - £4,800+VAT
200,000 at 3p - £6,000+VAT
250,000 at 2.9p - £7,250+VAT
Bulk Pricing from just 2.2p per text
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£0.0010 - £0.0032p per email
10,000 Emails - £32+VAT
25,000 Emails - £70+VAT
50,000 Emails - £125+VAT
100,000 Emails - £220+VAT
250,000 Emails - £500+VAT
500,000 Emails - £900+VAT
1,000,000 Emails - £1,600+VAT
No Monthly Charges
Free Setup


1p per second recorded
1,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £100+VAT
5,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £475+VAT
10,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £900+VAT
25,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £2,100+VAT
50,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £3,950+VAT
Free Forwarding
No Monthly Charges
Free Setup
Only charged for Delivered Msg's


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Setup Costs - TBC
Monthly Costs - TBC
Cost Per Message - TBC

“I was approached by Text Global 8 months ago and was sceptical about whether SMS text marketing would work for our finance company. Off a £350 initial investment we have generated over 130+ new loan applications. Excellent return on investment, can’t wait to use their service more. Well priced, great support and their platform is so easy to use.”

Why Partner With Text Global?

Only direct routes are used to deliver our SMS text messages. No blended or grey routes are ever used, ensuring the highest quality and speed of delivery. Full real-time reporting & analytics provided.

Low cost pricing! We don't charge any setup costs, monthly charges or tie our clients into lengthy contracts. Our service operates on a pre-paid pay as you go basis.

Protection of our clients data is our number one priority. Blue chip level servers, monitored 24/7 to give our clients that extra re-assurance & peace of mind.

Our team of dedicated account managers understand your business needs and provide expert advice to achieve your goals. Technical support advisers can make integration with our API seamless.

Need International SMS Routes?

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The enterprise platform provides international routes to over 180+ countries worldwide. With highly competitive pricing & fast setup times there is no better time to get in contact. 

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