Text Global Mobile Messaging for Businesses
Rich Communication Services (RCS)

Send highly engaging content with RCS Business Messages and build valued experiences

RCS is a native channel that delivers the message through Google and Apple Chat. Allowing businesses to send branded, rich content and obtain much better campaign performance analytics.

Text Global RCS Business Messaging
Stand out from your competition

Branded RCS Business Messages

Featuring your logo, a verified tick and your company slogan builds trust and loyalty. Messages land straight into the recipients inbox along with other messages like SMS and MMS. 

Superboost sales conversions

Deliver personalised RCS business messages that include images, animated GIFs, videos and product carousels. By sending more engaging content our clients have seen 1.5-3x higher Click Through Rates (CTR) when using RCS. 

Text Global RCS Business Messaging
Improved tracking and analytics with RCS

Track RCS performance with detailed delivery reports and interaction data

View RCS message open rates and understand how customers respond and interact with detailed campaign metrics to fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Text Global RCS rich messaging performance

Unleash the power of RCS for your brand...

Better customer engagement 🤝

The ability to send dynamic, feature-rich messages creates a more seamless and enjoyable customer experience.

Google research shows that 72% of people are more likely to engage with a brand through RCS and are 30x more likely to read an RCS message than an email.

Interactive two-way conversations 💬

RCS opens the door for two-way chat through an AI chatbot or personal agent dialogue. Using Google Chat and Apple Chat to deliver the message allows customers to reply.

This data is invaluable and can help service customers faster, more efficiently and generate more revenue. 

Improved analytics and insights 📊

With RCS you get much better data on how customers interact with the message. Unlike other traditional channels like SMS, you receive opens, click-through rates, total clicks and delivery stats. 

In addition, RCS messaging lets you see if you’re receiving replies or if users are continually dropping off at a certain point in your customer journey flows.

Improved security 🔒

RCS messaging is more secure when compared to SMS due to its end-to-end encryption.

Additional features like verified sender information and digital signatures also make it more difficult for scammers to target and help prevent phishing attacks.

Increased brand visibility 🔎

By enabling you to send messages that feature your business’s colours, logos and images, RCS helps increase your brand visibility as well as build trust amongst your customers.

Seeing your branding in a message helps customers easily identify your business and increases the likelihood that they’ll take the desired action you’re looking for.

Higher conversion rates 📈

The knock-on effect of better customer engagement is higher conversion rates.

The more likely your customers are to open and engage with the messages you send them, the more likely they are to act, whether that’s giving feedback, confirming details, or making a purchase.

Integrated support with RCS Business Messaging API

Program RCS into your existing applications via our API and take advantage of all the rich content and campaign analytics.

Have more meaningful interactions with RCS Business Messaging

More engagement, better customer experience, and higher conversion rates.