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Send & receive SMS text messages from any email applications or CRM using the Text Global Email to SMS gateway.

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Give staff the facility to quickly send follow up text messages like confirmations, call back requests or reminders. Alternatively integrate our Email to SMS Gateway into your email notification software.

Text Global Email to SMS Gateway

Email to SMS Introduction

Experience enterprise level messaging solutions without any complicated Integration. Email to SMS allows notifications, updates or reminders to be delivered as an SMS text message. Available internationally through Text Global, Email to SMS can be configured within minutes. In addition, setup requires little technical knowledge or expertise. As a result Email to SMS is perfect for large corporate systems, as well as for small businesses without their own internal IT department.
Text Global Email To SMS

Define Recipients

In the email “To” section, enter the recipients mobile number @ For example: 

[email protected]

The email subject or body text is delivered as an SMS message to the mobile number defined within the recipient.

Text Global Email To SMS Digital Product

Use cases

Email to SMS can be used for various different purposes including: 

Security Systems

Security systems for monitoring hardware devices can benefit from Email to SMS. Monitoring systems often have a default email notification option for situations when problems occur. Text Global simply transform the email into an SMS text message & deliver it to the defined recipient.

SMS Marketing

By integrating into applications or CRM's. Allows staff to send ad hoc or bulk SMS text marketing. Emails can take hours, if not days to be read, where SMS text is far more direct. Therefore on average the response times for SMS is just 90 seconds, opposed to 90 minutes for email.

CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management systems often come with email notification solutions built in for important updates, reminders & confirmations. These automated notifications can be sent to our email to SMS gateway, with recipients mobile telephone number defined. We simply convert the email into an SMS text.

Why Partner With Text Global?

Only direct routes are used to deliver our SMS text messages. No blended or grey routes are ever used, ensuring the highest quality & speed of delivery. Full real-time reporting and analytics provided.

We don't charge any setup costs, monthly charges or tie our clients into lengthy contracts. Our service operates on a pre-paid pay as you go basis.

Protection of our clients data is our number one priority. Blue chip level servers, monitored 24/7 to give our clients that extra re-assurance & peace of mind.

Our team of dedicated account managers understand your business needs & provide expert advice to achieve your goals. Technical support advisers can make integration with our API seamless.

We are rated excellent on Trustpilot

Rated 'excellent' on Trustpilot

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