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Opening and reading an SMS text message requires much less effort and time compared to an email. So why not utilise SMS text to obtain vital customer feedback? 90% of people open and read their SMS texts in the first 90 seconds. Therefore requesting feedback by SMS text is extremely powerful. Continue reading to find out exactly what an NPS SMS Survey is and why you should start using it today.


What is an SMS NPS Survey? 

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score (NPS) and is a way to measure customer satisfaction and enthusiasm for your company and products. An SMS NPS survey is a way to gather these opinions by sending customers questions similar to: “Rating on a scale from zero to ten, how likely are you to purchase from us again?” After a specific answer, you can also ask follow-up questions related to their given response, like the reason why they gave you that specific rating.
This allows you to track your score over time and understand where your business could be improving. Setting future goals will also be much easier with quantitative benchmarks like those gathered from these surveys.


What Are Some Examples of SMS NPS Surveys?

There are multiple ways you can SMS NPS surveys to gather information. The main four types of questions are open-ended, yes or no, multiple-choice, and rating scale. Here are a few examples for you.  

Open-ended questions

“What do you like most about our offered services/products?”
“Why did you attend our recent event?”
“What is something you want to see from us?”
“Is there anything you would change about our products/services?”
“Do you have any comments or concerns?”

Yes or no questions

“Were we able to fix your issue? Yes/No”
“Reply Yes or No – Was the purchasing process convenient?”
“Will you be using our services in the future? Reply with yes or no.”
“Did you find everything you needed? Please reply Yes or No.”

Multiple-choice questions

“How would you describe us? Reply with all that apply (Exciting, Professional, Informal, Fun, Reliable, Untrustworthy, Budget-friendly, Expensive).”
“How often do you use our services/products? Never, Sometimes, Always”

Rating scale questions

“On a scale from one to five, how happy are you with our service: 1 = Very satisfied 5 = Unsatisfied”
“From zero to ten, how likely is it that you recommend us to a friend? (0 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)”


Why and How You Should Be Using NPS Surveys?

There are many benefits to using NPS surveys. The main one is that you can gather valuable information while also making your customers feel seen and appreciated. SMS is a very direct channel to contact people, and your customers will feel that you genuinely care about their opinion. Furthermore you can later use their response to better your marketing strategies.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to write survey questions and collect results on your own. With the Text Global Enterprise Platform, you can easily build platform-driven SMS survey communication flows. In a few short steps, you can import your contacts, write questions and set the sending times then you are good to go! Our enterprise platform will keep track of responses and continue actions like sending follow-up questions. Alternatively, you can also use the Text Global SMS API Gateway to integrate SMS Surveys into any of your existing applications, CRM, or website.

As you can see, if you aren’t yet using NPS surveys, then you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to gather much-needed information. Get started with Text Global today, and you will notice how your business grows in no time!

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