Text Global Business WhatsApp Messaging

WhatsApp Business Messaging

Utilise our WhatsApp business API for delivering service related communications. 

With over 1.6 billion users of WhatsApp worldwide it is the perfect channel for: –

  • Delivery Tracking – Using GPS for live updates
  • Two-way Customer Conversations – For support, queries & feedback
  • Rich Real-time Notifications – API driven rich media like booking confirmations
  • Instant Customer Feedback – Ask for feedback via the same chat
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Connect With Customers Instantly...

Customers want to connect with businesses on a familiar platform, that’s fast and reliable.

Using WhatsApp Business API for your business messaging opens the door for better communication. Leading to better engagement, increased trust, and long-term relationships.

Send real-time alerts, updates and notifications. Whilst providing support through a chatbot or live agent solution. 

Send content rich media like images, videos, files, and more. Undoubtedly completing processes faster.

Share locations in real-time to enhance the speed of delivery and fulfilment of services.

Quickly send contact information to help connect the right person at the right time.

Instantly provide documents for quick reviews and conversions. Optimising service and business operations. 

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