Rich Communication
Service (RCS)

Engage with your customers with RCS native messaging.

Start sending content rich multimedia messages directly to the end users mobile handset. Create a lasting impression and building relationships through two-way communications.

Use RCS for marketing or transactional service updates. Including images, video, QR codes, call to action buttons and much more. As a result, our clients using RCS see vast improvements in customer engagement, service levels and revenue growth.

Text Global Rich Communication Services RCS Example
Text Global RCS Rich Communication Services

What is RCS?

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a innovative new, visually appealing, messaging channel. Just like the rich functionality you expect from WhatsApp and iMessage. Instead using your phone’s native messaging app to receive the message. Unlike standard text based solutions like SMS. 

Using a rich feature set allows the creation of branded messages. Furthermore incorporating multimedia, images, videos, suggested reply buttons, barcode delivery and click-through options. 

Brands now have a new way to develop relationships through two-way communication. Also enabling much more dynamic mobile digital marketing campaigns. 


Rich media allows users upload photographs, video and audio files, rich cards, or carousels. Also featuring multiple rich cards that users can swipe through. Examples include: –

• Improved location functionality like location sharing, view map, etc.

• Configurable buttons like embed clickable, customized buttons that will enrich your communications and make it easy for your customers to respond. Such as suggested replies and suggested actions.

• Open URL button allows recipients of the RCS to open the link in a browser or inside an app.

• Create calendar events and use pre-specified details to populate a message template.

• In contrast RCS is not limited to 160 characters like SMS. Allowing the message content to be more robust and lengthy.

Rich Communication Service Features Text Global

Benefits of Rich Communication Services (RCS)

RCS is a new, visually appealing messaging channel. Offering more content rich functionalities to enable more engaging customer journeys. Businesses are using RCS to build strong relationships with their
customers through branded two-way communication.

RCS features Images, videos, attachments, GIFs, and surveys. 

In addition all of the above can be delivered straight to the customer, without them having to download an app or visit a website.

With RCS being an IP-based messaging service. RCS offers much more in-depth analytics and reporting. Which in turn enables smarter decision making for marketing plans and strategies.

With RCS businesses can now create groups without fussing over if everyone is active on the same platform. Much more advanced than traditional SMS text communications. 

RCS required for the branded sender ID to be registered and verified. Enabling consistency across all channels and a higher level of security. 

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