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Text Global Abandoned Cart SMS Shopify Plugin

So close yet so far… this is a phrase that could be used to describe abandoned carts. Every business owner with an online store knows the struggle of a customer filling a cart and then never completing a purchase. This could be due to multiple reasons, but the main one is just the shopper getting distracted or forgetting about the purchase. An easy solution to such a problem is a Shopify abandoned cart SMS notification! Read on to find out the benefits of abandoned cart SMS notifications and how Text Global is here to help.

Shopify Abandoned Cart SMS vs. Email Notifications

There are two main types of abandoned cart notifications, and these are via text message or email. Shopify SMS abandoned cart notifications are more beneficial for a few reasons. Firstly and most importantly, the open rate for text messages is significantly higher. While only 20% of email campaigns are successfully opened, with text messages, that number is as high as 98%. This also means that response rates are higher for SMS notifications as well. Customers are notified immediately once they receive an SMS, and they generally check it out instantly, while an email is usually seen a few hours later.

Another factor is deliverability. Billions of emails are sent out every day, and about half of these end up in spam folders. But this isn’t a problem that applies to text messages once they opt into receiving SMS notifications from your company.

The average attention span isn’t what it used to be, and this makes abandoned cart SMS notifications superior. When a message is only 160 characters and gets straight to the point, a shopper is more likely to return to their abandoned cart. While by the time they open the email and get to the message, they may have forgotten all about their potential purchase. Now that we have (hopefully) convinced you to send Shopify abandoned cart SMS notifications, let’s see how to set up our Shopify App plugin!

How To Set Up The Shopify Abandoned Cart SMS Plugin

Start by creating a Zapier account and connecting your Shopify store with the Text Global Enterprise Platform. Next, you select your detailed triggers available via the plugin. This includes sending SMS text messages when a cart is abandoned; a new order is completed, a new product is added to the store, and so on. In our case, we will select the “new abandoned cart” trigger. Of course, we also offer free one-to-one training to help set up the plugin and start using it. Our Text Global team is here to help make this process just that much easier.

How Much Does The Plugin Cost?

The entire setup process, including the training, is free. All you must pay for is the amount of sent SMS text messages and monthly Zapier tasks used. On average, Text Global clients pay between 3p- 6p per triggered SMS text. Of course, this price is also dependent on the length of the sent text message. The number of characters used will determine the amount of credits used per message. When compared to the money and customers you may lose on abandoned carts, this will only seem like a small investment.

Wrapping up

As you can see, an abandoned cart will be a much smaller issue with this easy and convenient plugin! So, contact a member of the Text Global team today to start a free trial of our abandoned cart SMS Shopify plugin and watch how your business grows in front of your very eyes.

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