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4 tips to help elevate your flash sales and discounts with SMS text marketing

4 tips to help elevate your flash sales and discounts with SMS text marketing

No customer can refuse a good sale, so flash discounts and sales are the best way to get rid of old inventory and make space for new products. Although this inventory won’t apply if you sell services, flash sales and discounts are still an amazing way to boost overall sales. SMS texts, with an open rate of 98%, are the most effective tools for promoting these discounts. Our team at Text Global is here to offer you some tips on how to boost these sales.

Exclusive Discounts

If you have loyal customers who consistently make purchases at your shop, now is the time to show them some appreciation with an exclusive sale. These people will feel valued and are very likely to visit your site or store once you offer them a VIP discount. SMS messages make it easy to reach out to your loyal customers since you already have their contact information down. Write up a short message mentioning how much you appreciate them, mention their VIP status, and offer a flash sale or an exclusive discount code to use at checkout.

Holiday Discounts

Holidays are the perfect time to start those flash sales and discounts. Especially on holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas when everyone is scrambling to look for last-minute gifts. Especially if you also create a curated gift guide of your products and services, you are sure to get people looking at your offer. Make sure to send out your promotional SMS messages a few days before the actual holiday, so people have time to consider what you offer. You can also send an SMS reminder of when the sale ends, in case your customers have forgotten to make their purchases.


Simply messaging customers about a flash sale or discount isn’t all that you need to do. Your promotional SMS message should also include a direct call to action. Encourage your customers to click on the provided link to visit your main page or even the list of products on sale. When you only write about the sale without a call-to-action, most customers will put off checking out your site until later and will most likely forget about it once they click out of their messages. So, whenever you plan on promoting a flash sale via SMS, always include a call-to-action and a link, so customers will act on the urge to make a purchase immediately.


Everyone loves a personalized message, and this applies to flash sale SMS promotions as well. Always make sure to start your text messages with the customer’s name to make them feel appreciated. Mentioning a customer’s recent or latest purchase in the promotional message is also a good idea as the customer will appreciate the attention.
You can also go one step further and personalize the flash sale SMS itself. If you notice a customer always coming back for the same product or service, why not offer them a personalized and exclusive discount code on that one product or service. This is almost a guarantee that the customer will stay loyal to you and will use the code, driving up your sales. It doesn’t have to be the exact item either, you can send a promotional message about a flash sale on certain items or services to customers who previously bought similar items or services.

Wrapping Up

If you have decided to offer a flash sale or discount and want to use SMS text messages to do it, we are here to present to you our Text Global Enterprise Platform, designed with you in mind. Not only can you send out these flash sale promotional SMS messages in bulk, but also use many other tools that will elevate all your marketing campaigns. We hope to see you working with us soon!

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