Don’t Miss a Sale with Abandoned Cart SMS Triggers!

Abandoned Cart SMS Triggers

Missing out on sales is every retailers worst nightmare! But what can be done to nudge a customer across the line to complete their order? Most brands are sending abandoned cart email notification which is ok. The open rates for email are limited though at around 15% – 30%. 

Something that’s 5x more effective is reminding customer’s of the items left in their cart by SMS text message. And including a direct URL to complete the order. Clients of Text Global that have adopted this strategy have seen between 52% to 133% uplift in cart recovery. Seeing excellent ROAS and revenue growth.


How To Setup Abandoned Cart SMS

Abandoned Cart SMS Triggers can be setup very easily, with no development work involved. It’s also non-intrusive as the SMS texts are only sent to those who are subscribe to marketing. In addition, every SMS text includes a clear and easy way to unsubscribe.

Using an integration with our strategic partner and an online plugin called Zapier. Retailers can connect their ecommerce website to the Text Global Enterprise Platform in a matter of minutes. Including Shopify, Woocomerce, Magento and WordPress).

Clients of Text Global can send automated trigger based SMS texts for various different use cases, including:


Types of Automated SMS Triggers

New Customer SMS

Welcome customer’s to the brand and ask them to follow the brand on social media. Clients that have set this up see a major uplift in follows and likes on Facebook/Instagram.

Abandoned Cart SMS

Notify customer’s when they have left an Item in their shopping cart. Adopting abandoned cart SMS texts leverage a massive uplift in cart recoveries.

New Product Triggers

Notify customer’s via SMS text when new items are added to the site automatically. Or when items come back into stock.

Cancelled Order SMS

Notify customer’s via SMS when an order has been cancelled. Reducing inbound enquiries and improving service.

Delivery Dispatch SMS Updates

Notify customer’s via SMS text when an order has been dispatched and out for delivery.



Wrapping Up

There are no setup fees with this service and our clients are only charged on a per SMS credits basis. So if you have 10k abandoned SMS per month at 2.9p per SMS text, it would cost roughly around £290+VAT per month. Low scale cost, but huge upside return on investment.

Our advice is to try this for 7-14 days and see what the impact is in your abandoned cart recovery rate. We have full confidence you’ll see excellent return on investment by implementing abandoned cart SMS texts.

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