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Payday is a much-anticipated day for employees worldwide, as this is the day, they get paid for all their hard work. This also comes with a lot of serotonin and joy, so people want to spend their money on whatever makes them happy at the moment. As a business owner, this is your time to shine. Read on to find out how exactly you can make the most of payday with a payday SMS text offers.


How Payday Affects Purchasing Customers

Before we get into how you should use SMS marketing to boost your sales near payday, let’s understand the science behind it. Many business studies have found a direct correlation between people getting paid and their buying behavior. Contrary to the popular belief that customers’ purchasing preferences are maintained over time, the proximity to the day they get paid actually changes their motives and their response to advertisements.


People who have just been paid are three times more likely to buy promotion-focused products, which they see as something that can boost their quality of life. For example new clothing, cosmetics or their favourite takeaway. Once consumers start to move further away from payday, they become more prevention-focused buyers, purchasing to maintain their current living state. To understand this, think of buying chocolate that tastes amazing (a promotion-focused purchase) vs. a healthy snack bar (a prevention-focused purchase).


Therefore business owners should advertise promotion-focused based products/services earlier in the month, following a recent payday. Then focus on prevention-focused products a week or two later.


Sending Payday SMS Text Offers

Timing is key!

When you know payday is coming up, it’s crucial to have a strategically-timed SMS marketing campaign. For optimum results, time your payday SMS text around the peak in your daily organic online sales. 

Most consumers will receive their pay check on the last working Friday of the month. A fool proof way to ensure excellent return on advertising spend (ROAS). Is reviewing spikes in your online traffic and sales conversions during previous Fridays. Therefore you’ll know exactly when your customers’ are more active online and buying. Then schedule your SMS text offer one hour before your peak online sales. 

Because SMS texts are delivered instantly and read on average within just 90 seconds. The return on investment in most cases is almost instantaneous. As a result you’ll see a huge uplift in website traffic and converted orders. But don’t forget to stagger the SMS outbound traffic when sending to a larger audience. Sending too many SMS texts at once can lead to an influx in website visitors. Causing delays in website pages to load. Negatively impacting the shopping experience and some cases crashing the website. To combat this issue, use the Text Global ‘Stagger send’ tool. Allowing our clients to send bulk payday SMS texts gradually over a set duration. 



Payday SMS Text Message Content

Now that the timing is taken care of, next comes the content. This is when you showcase your best deals and offers. For the extra incentive, your SMS offers can be exclusive to just existing customer’s and for a limited time only (placing a sense of urgency). Be sure to use a unique discount code to monitor return on investment. Here is the perfect payday SMS text marketing structure: –

  • Attention Grabber
  • State the offer
  • Call to action (where to redeem the offer) – URL link to your website
  • Discount code, terms and expire date
  • Place a sense of urgency to redeem the offer
  • Unsubscribe option
Payday SALE!
Get 15% OFF this weekend only.
Shop now at www.YourWebsite.com
Use code PDAY15
Be quick! Offer ends xx/xx
Optout txt STOP to 88440

Wrapping Up

The above SMS message is just an example. At Text Global we understand that every brand is different. That’s why our team are on hand to devise a bespoke SMS text marketing strategy. Making sure that your SMS text campaigns align with the tone of voice and brand ethos. We take into account many contributing factors like SMS send frequency and ICO compliance. Ensuring customers’ enjoy receiving every SMS text.

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