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Love Is In The Air – How to boost sales with SMS text marketing this Valentine’s Day

Love Is In The Air How to boost sales with SMS text marketing this Valentine's Day

It’s the season of romance, hearts, and everything pink! As a business owner, like any other holiday, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for new promotions and sales. The best way to let your customers know of your holiday discounts is through a Valentine’s Day SMS text marketing campaign. Read on to find out why SMS is the most popular form of promoting sales, along with some creative text message marketing ideas for this Valentine’s Day.

Why You Should Be Promoting via SMS 

Although email marketing is also a popular way of digital marketing, there are many reasons why SMS text messages are the superior method of reaching customers. Firstly, text messages are short and sweet. No one has the designated time to read through a long, flashy email at the end of their tiring workday. Not to mention that there is a high chance that your thought-out and carefully planned message will end up in the junk folder anyway. This is exactly the reason why an SMS text message has an average open rate of 95-98% meanwhile an email has about 21%.

Even from these two statistics, it is crystal clear which is the method to choose for marketing campaigns. Not only are most SMS messages opened and read, but this is also done in the first 15 minutes of receiving the notification. An SMS lands on the customers phone screen, and nowadays, everyone has a smartphone in their hand. This offers you the perfect opportunity to reach your clients directly. Of course, you won’t have to do all of the messaging on your own. With our Text Global Enterprise Marketing Platform, you can send out messages to all your contact in bulk, saving you tons of downtime!


Valentine’s Day SMS marketing ideas!

Valentine’s Day is surely the most romantic Day of the year, so this is when couples look for ways to show each other appreciation through gifts and thought-out surprises. The average consumer is willing to spend up to £200 on this holiday. This is your chance to offer sales and discounts on your products and services to help the lovebirds find the perfect gift for their significant other. Read on for some creative ideas for Valentine’s Day promotions for not only couples but single customers as well!

2-for-1 deals

If you are a business offering services such as massages, manicures and pedicures, and other activities that people can enjoy together, then offering your customers a 2-for-1 deal is the perfect Valentine’s Day SMS offer. In your SMS text message, you should clearly state that you are offering two services for the price of one, along with a romantic joke or phrase that mentions Valentine’s Day to show that the offer is valid for one Day only.

For example:
Love is in the air! Today only, purchase any one item from our Valentine’s gift list and get the second for free. Shop now > www.yourcompany.co.uk Use code: LOVE22 at check out. Optout txt STOP to 88440


Galentine’s Day

The term “Galantine’s Day” was coined by women who want to celebrate their meaningful friendships on this holiday. So, use this day to make your single female customers feel appreciated as well by offering them an exclusive discount! Make sure this SMS message gets sent out only to women. Your message can look like:

No boyfriend, no problem! Enjoy an exclusive 20% off all our most popular products by using the code SINGLELADIEZ at checkout Shop now at www.yourcompany Optout txt STOP to 88440


Self Love

Although the holiday was originally created to show love for others, it is also the perfect Day to love and appreciate ourselves. What better way to do this than by splurging on ourselves! Take this chance to launch a campaign that is centered around self-love to encourage your customers to buy something for themselves. For example:

It’s time for some self-love! Treat yourself & enjoy a 30% OFF this Valentine’s Day. Shop at www.yourcompany.com Valid today only! Optout txt STOP to 88440″



As you can see, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to send out a promotional Valentine’s Day SMS text marketing campaign and boost sales. So, stop waiting and start planning out those messages!

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