The Positive Impact of Sending SMS Service Text Messages

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Did you know that an estimated over a trillion SMS service text messages are sent every year around the world? Even through the development of social media, SMS text messaging remains a popular and trusted business communication channel. In the corporate world, SMS service messages can be used by companies to promote their services and products. Here are a few reasons why you should be using SMS text to deliver essential service communication and some examples of how this should be done.


Saves Time

Companies that use the Text Global SMS API are able to save an abundance of time. Instead of writing out long emails, simply integrate SMS service text messages into your CRM, application or database with a few lines of code. Customers will be updated with the information they need without wasting your time and theirs. In addition, staff won’t need to spend hours on the phone calling customers to alert them of updates on their orders. By opting to using our SMS Marketing Platform, even more time will be saved by sending out SMS service text messages in bulk. With Text Global, you can just sit back and focus on other tasks while we alert your customers of shipping updates, order confirmations, and more.


Saves Money

Remember, time is money, and by saving time, you will also be saving money. Using our SMS API will also be very cost-effective for your business. If you keep your customers updated about confirmations, reminders, and any other critical information, there will be fewer inbound inquiries. Customers won’t need to call or email for information regarding their orders. This means less staff downtime and an improved business environment. Instead of answering the same simple questions repeatedly, employees can spend their precious time on other tasks.


Communicates With Your Customers

Customers love being kept in the loop. Shipping information and notifications inform customers of where their packages are and any updates on their purchases. This will help maintain a great customer-business relationship and will keep your reputation positive. So, aside from being a practical way of keeping your customers updated, SMS API is also a great way to engage with them.


Averts Disaster

With weather disturbances, using SMS service text messages is the fastest way to deliver urgent news to people about upcoming disturbances. The same way critical business information can be sent out to customers using SMS API. For example, if a field is missing from the shipping form and needs more information, you can send a quick message to your customer. They are more likely to see an urgent text and reply, then check their email in the middle of the day. You can also let them know when the delivery person will be bringing their package, so they won’t miss the shipment.


SMS Text Has a Wider Reach

To state that every single person in the world owns a phone won’t be an exaggeration at all. The approximate number of mobile devices in the entire world is about 7.9 billion. Thus, you can reach out to customers and update them quickly over SMS. Keeping contact with customers will make them feel appreciated, and they will surely return for business again.

Service Message Alert Templates

To help start off in the right direction, here are some SMS templates.

SMS Order Confirmation

We live in an instantaneous world, and sending a customer an instant confirmation after a purchase is a must.

Message Sample:

[Business Name]: Thank you for shopping with us! We have received your order, and it will be shipped shortly. Check your order status here: [Website]


SMS Shipping Confirmation

We recommend sending two shipping confirmations, once when the package leaves your warehouse and once the day before it is delivered. The second message is important since delivery dates can vary no matter the estimates. By receiving shipping updates, customers will be able to better plan out their day. Making them feel like more in control.

Message Sample 1:

Hello [First Name], your package has been shipped from our warehouse. View tracking details here: [Website] [Website]

Message Sample 2:

[Shipping Company]: Your delivery from [Business] is arriving tomorrow at [approximate time]. Track package here: [Website]


Delivery Confirmation

Whether the package has been successfully or unsuccessfully delivered, keep customers updated. Here are examples of excellent delivery confirmations:

Message Template – Successful Delivery:

Delivery Successful! We hope you enjoy your new [Product Name]. Thanks for shopping with us. We hope you have a great day. For more deals: [Website]

Message Sample – Unsuccessful Delivery:

Hello [First Name], it looks like we’ve just missed you. Your package is now at [PostOffice] at [Address]. Pickup time is after 3 PM tomorrow. Don’t forget your ID!


How to set up SMS Service Messages

Using the Text Global SMS API is a great way to send bulk messages in a matter of minutes. Our platform allows you to send simple and effective SMS text alerts, updates, notifications, and reminders automatically. Our SMS API has been reviewed positively countless times for it’s ease of use, comprehensive SMS API documentation and professional technical support.


Contact us today to get started with our free trial and you’ll receive 50 free SMS text credits. We’ll provided our API documentation and a sandbox testing account. Our support development team are on hand to answer any technical enquiries. Take the time to alert your customers of any critical information, and watch your revenue and reputation grow.

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