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After what seems like a super long and challenging year, we are finally reaching that long-awaited day again. That’s right; we’re talking about Black Friday! In a matter of weeks, Black Friday offers and Cyber Monday deals are going to be circulating everywhere, and people will be looking to find the best bargains. So whether you are looking to buy early Christmas gifts for the family or simply a new gadget for yourself, it is nearly the perfect time to start your search.

As a business, this is a great opportunity to increase online sales for your business. Over the years, Black Friday deals have started to run throughout the whole month of November, and it also kicks starts the countdown to the Christmas season. So, now is the perfect time to start planning your SMS text marketing campaign for increased online revenue.


Why use SMS Text Marketing during Black Friday?

SMS is the most effective marketing method to get straight to the point. With so many pop-ups and offers during the busy Black Friday season, a text message is a perfect way to cut right through the noise and start building up excitement for upcoming offers. With an unbeatable opening rate of 98%, you can almost be sure that once your SMS reaches its intended customer, it is going to be read. This makes it the perfect way to maintain direct and effective communication with your customers.

Because the next three months are the most active spending seasons of the year (Prime Day, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year), if you aren’t activating an SMS text marketing campaign, you are missing out on boosted sales and increased traffic.
So, let’s get into why SMS marketing is a great marketing approach for Black Friday deals and how to create the perfect campaign.


How can SMS Sky Rocket Black Friday profit for your business?

Soft opt-in / Opt-in Consent

Ahead of the actual big day, you can ask customers and website visitors whether they’d like to hear from your business via SMS texts. With a simple SMS subscription, your customers will be the first to receive Black Friday offers or exclusive deals that are only available for those on the SMS mailing list. Upon receiving these deals, most customers will visit your website to take part.

Customer communications

With SMS text marketing, you can share everything with your customers, from rewards to shipping updates and feedback surveys. These will make them feel in the loop and provide them with real-time updates about ongoing sales to motivate them to visit your online store.

Abandoned carts

During the Black Friday and Christmas period, abandoned shopping cart rates can be at an all-time high. Reminding your customers of soon-ending deals and items left in their carts through SMS texts can encourage them to pick up just where they left off and revisit your site.


How to Create the Perfect Black Friday SMS Marketing Campaign

Now that you have realised that an SMS marketing campaign is a must for the Black Friday season, here are some tips to help you get to the action.



Personalisation is key for standing out from your competitors and engaging with your customers. This means including some brand personality and a message that addresses the individual you are sending the message to. It is also a simple way to introduce trust to your SMS text marketing campaign. People will ignore a generic, mass text message, so do some research before finalising your messages.

An offer

In a hurricane of messages, you will have to try your best to be noticed and increase your engagement. So, it is absolutely essential that you showcase clearly what you are offering in a short but to-the-point message. If you send a long paragraph, you will immediately lose the attention of the viewers. You want your customer to be excited about your message and deal, which will encourage them to act right away.

A sense of urgency

In your Black Friday marketing campaigns, you want to motivate your recipients and build excitement, so they act right away instead of thinking that they will come back to it later. Adding a sense of urgency in your SMS text message is a good way to do this, achieved easily by adding a time limit or highlighting limited inventory.

These are just a few pointers on how to create the ideal Black Friday SMS campaign. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to write out each and every single one of these messages and send them. Instead, you can use the Text Global SMS Platform. Here, you can import your audience list, input your branded SMS message and contact list, and schedule your campaign to go out on time! We wish you luck and a good Black Friday season.

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