Why SMS mobile marketing is growing so rapidly?

SMS Mobile Marketing

SMS mobile marketing is one of the fastest-growing digital communication channels. It’s also a channel that’s unique in its ability to interact directly with customers and drive instant results. In this blog post, we provide some key statistics about SMS marketing that you should know if you want to succeed with this digital channel. Read on to find out more about mobile marketing, how it compares to email marketing, and why your business should invest in this strategy.


SMS Marketing Is Growing Fast…

Just in the last couple of years, the use of mobile marketing has surged. In fact, recent studies show that 68% of all online ecommerce is generated through a mobile device. However, with the rise in smartphone usage, SMS marketing is expected to grow and become a much more popular marketing channel. But what factors contribute to the success of SMS mobile marketing? Find out more below.


Key Facts to SMS Mobile Marketing

Consumers prefer SMS marketing over other digital marketing channels. They are particularly fond of SMS marketing because it’s fast, easy, and convenient. Another reason why SMS marketing is growing so rapidly is that consumers are now increasingly opting in to receive marketing messages. With many ecommerce platforms having tick box consent options to start building a mobile marketing database. But why has SMS marketing boomed over recent year?

1. Advances in smart phone technology – Smartphones are much quicker, larger screens with greater resolution and longer battery usage.

2. Better connectivity – With 4G and 5G connectivity makes browsing the internet from a mobile device much more convenient.

3. Mobile optimized website – Most ecommerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace etc. Offer pre-built themes the are brilliantly optimised for mobile browsing.

4. Express checkout options – Many modern websites now come with express checkout options like Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal Express. Therefore, items can be purchased online instantly from a mobile phone without having to fill out those annoying billing or shipping details.


SMS Mobile Marketing vs Email Marketing

SMS text messages can be sent branded from your business name up to 11 characters in length. Then, place a direct URL link to your online store and unsubscribe method at the end. The message content is best keeping to 160 characters per text. Meaning, the offer has to be kept short and sweet capturing the customer attention much quicker. Affectively forcing them to an impulsive decision. Whereas, email marketing is much more content rich and includes a lot more information. Therefore, allowing customers to make a more informed decision on visiting your online store. If your goal is to grab the customers attention and get them onto the website shopping, then mobile marketing is the way to do it!

  • SMS open rates 95-98% vs Email open rates 15-30%.
  • SMS response times of just 90 seconds vs 90 minutes for email.
  • SMS click through rates 6-26% vs email click through rates of 0.8%-5%


The Halo Effect

One thing that mobile marketing does is drive a HUGE amount of existing customer traffic back to your online store. As a result, customers browse pages, add items to cart or abandoned checkout. Which in turn activates any paid social or Google PPC re-targeting adverts. This causes a halo effect on other acquisition channels, helping boost conversion rates and ROAS. So, during times like clearance sales, new product release or promotional events like Black Friday. Every retailer needs to adopt an SMS mobile marketing strategy.



Now is the right time to invest in SMS mobile marketing and take advantage of this fast-growing channel. Be sure to target existing customer who have consented to marketing, create engaging SMS marketing campaigns, and send them to the right people at the right time to maximise your results. Check out our SMS marketing strategy guide to guarantee successful SMS marketing results. 

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