Combine SMS and email marketing under one intelligent multi-channel platform

Multi-channel Platform

Multi-channel marketing is a must have for every B2C business in 2022. Nothing is more annoying than having various marketing suppliers, different login details, multiple invoices to pay etc. Streamline marketing efforts and combine Email and SMS marketing under one easy-to-use multi-channel platform. Read more below to find out why email and SMS are still the most powerful forms of marketing and what we can do to support your business. 

Why Email Marketing?

Did you know that email marketing has 4x more organic reach compared to social media posts as well as one of the highest ROIs? Emails are a great way to reach people and allow them to read your content on their own time.

This marketing format allows for full personalization since you have the space and freedom to customise your HTML email however you like. There isn’t a strict character limit so your message can be as long or as short as you wish. Customise further by adding images, links, attachments, files, videos, and more. So, you have the opportunity to make emails dynamic and engaging, attracting even more customers.

Why SMS Marketing?

SMS is another traditional marketing technique that hasn’t lost its charm even in the age of social media. The average open rate of an SMS is a staggering 98%, meaning you’re almost guaranteed the recipient will receive and read the message! SMS messages are fast and easy. With a small 160 character limit per SMS, you can get straight to the point and go on to tell your customers about a deal or offer. 

SMS messages have another great benefit, they pop up on a phone screen immediately with your ‘Brand Name’. This means SMS messages allow you to offer time-sensitive deals that last a few hours since an SMS text will be read immediately compared to an email that is only read when a person opens the email. Include a short URL link within the SMS text message allows customers to effortlessly navigate to your online shop.

Even though email marketing is amazing for all the reasons described above, there is still a small chance that an email you send up may end up in the junk folder. This risk is non existent for SMS messages, so you can be assured that you aren’t wasting your efforts on a message that may not be read.

Enterprise Level Multi-Channel Platform

We understand that designing and sending out hundreds of emails and SMS messages can be a time-consuming task so our team at has designed a multi-channel platform that will help you effortlessly reap the benefits of SMS text marketing, email marketing, and more.

Our user-friendly marketing platform will do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to campaign management. Once you input some important information like contact details, previous orders, total spend, location, last order date and other relevant data, the rest will be on us. Simply use the built-in segmentation tool and define more targeted audiences. 

Choose from many pre-defined HTML email templates or use the drag and drop editor to build your own. Not only does the platform allow you to automate all the steps of the process but it will also provide analytics afterward including open rates and click through rates, so you know what can be improved.

Automated Flows 

Go a step further by creating automated process flows to build seamless customer journeys or marketing campaigns. With failover options based on email opens and clicks ensures that SMS text messages are only sent to customers who aren’t engaging with email. As a result, this will help lower marketing costs and maximise response customer engagement.

Integrated Email and SMS API 

Don’t have time to manually create campaigns front end via our multi-channel platform? No problem… simply integrate your customers journeys, marketing campaigns and service messages with our Application Programming Interface (API). 


We hope that you are now convinced that using SMS and email as a marketing technique is going to boost your sales and attract new customers. If you have chosen to include these two channels into your marketing strategy, then head over to our website to find out more or contact a member of the team today! >

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