How to write an effective promotional SMS marketing campaign!

How to write the perfect SMS marketing campaign

Since you are on our website, then you are probably already convinced that an SMS marketing campaign is the way to go. If you aren’t, check out some of the other articles on our blog before you continue with this one! Now that you have decided to promote your business via SMS, let’s dive into how to craft the perfect message to your customers.


Keep It Short and Sweet

The whole beauty of an SMS message is in its short length, so you must also keep your message short and to the point. 160 characters are just enough to capture the reader’s
attention and convince them that they should check out your site, sale, new product line, and so on. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should write a single sentence about a sale and press send but don’t dawdle either, otherwise, you risk losing a customer’s attention. Start with a short introduction, write about your offer, and always give the customer the option to opt-out of messages at the end.


Use Short Sentences

This relates to our previous point but is also vital. Not only is your message short, but your
sentences should be as well. If you just write two long sentences, you will have used up your 160 characters and probably lost the customer’s attention. Keep your phrases short, and use dynamic wording that evokes excitement and urgency.


Catch the Customer’s Eye

Most people get a lot of notifications during the day, so you must do something to catch the customer’s eye when they look at their phone. There isn’t a whole lot you can do since you are sending a text message, but you can use all capital letters on what you wish to highlight. Don’t overdo it so as not to appear aggressive, but words like SALE, DISCOUNT, OFFER, and others should be capitalized to stand out.


Call to Action

Once you have caught the customer’s attention and promoted your sale, it’s time to lead them to their final destination. If you do not show a customer where to go for your offer,
they will most likely forget about your sale or new product line in a matter of seconds. A good SMS marketing campaign without a call to action is like a car without fuel. Include a URL link to your website, your sale, or whatever you are promoting at the end of your message and encourage the customer to click on it! Place a sense of urgency with ‘Shop now >>’ or ‘Be first to shop at’



Customers love to feel appreciated and seen as individuals. You can achieve a genuine connection with them by simply personalizing your text message. Start your message off with their name, and you will make your promotional message just that much more
effective. You can also consider the customer’s liked item and recent purchases when promoting new similar products or services which makes the customer feel valued and more likely to check out your offer.


Use line breaks to format the SMS text content. Making the message much more easier to read and make the call to action stronger. 


Sense of urgency

To get the best possible click through rate and sales conversions don’t forget to place a sense of urgency. Giving customers a limited amount of time to redeem the offer works best, like a few days or 24 hours. At the end of the SMS text message you could include something like ‘Hurry, offer ends midnight’, ‘Be quick, limited stock!’ or ‘Don’t miss out!’.


SMS marketing campaign – Examples

Payday sales! 

Today only enjoy 15% OFF with code ‘PD15’

Shop now >>

Hurry, offer ends midnight.



New Stock NOW LIVE!

Be first to shop our latest release. 

Over 26 new items available. 


Be quick, items selling fast. 



Exclusive VIP Discount!

Enjoy a tasty 15% OFF online takeaway orders. 

Order at

Use code: TASTY15

Min spend £15+, exp XX/XX




As you can see, creating the perfect effective SMS marketing campaign isn’t a difficult task! If you are thinking of how you are going to personalize and send out so many messages, we are here to say that part of the task isn’t difficult either! Our Text Global Enterprise Platform is designed for all business owners who wish to run an amazing SMS marketing campaign and boost their sales. You only have to tweak a few settings, import your contacts, and the rest is on us. We hope to hear from you and see you on our platform soon.

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